About Us

Eric Friese
I grew up near Berlin in Germany before pursuing my dreams of swimming and studying at the University of Florida. I always had a love for fashion and streetwear, so starting a brand has been a lifelong dream of mine. I believe that everyone should feel their best when putting on a special clothing piece, which is why Friego tries to embody the “Endless Summer” character of Florida. Our team is passionate about creating and expressing this feeling through our products. It is our goal to create a long-lasting product that sparks a warm summer vibe for our customers.

We look forward to elevating your style. Thank you for choosing Friego!



Alberto Mestre

Before settling down in the US, I grew up in Venezuela. My swimming and academic career provided me with the opportunity to pursue my dreams in America. Friego stemmed from our love of fashion, summer and quality products. The three of us are striving to provide our customers with an endless summer feel. We want you to experience life and its different avenues while always remembering that life is meant to be enjoyed. Not everyday is summer, but we can make it if we want to. Friego hopes to provide you with products that make you feel confident, relaxed, and happy for what is to come. Do not live for the weekend, do not live for the summer, live for the present. 


Emma Friese

I am a student living near Berlin, Germany. I am responsible for the graphic design aspect of Friego. I love creating visuals, as well as mood pictures that capture the essence and core elements of the brand. Fashion has always been a huge passion of mine, so it is incredible that my work here aligns with my interests. Being able to contribute to Friego’s products has been fulfilling for me, and I am excited about the future.